Years of Service Luncheon & Pumpkin Winners!

Years of Service Luncheon

Congratulations to the following employees who have reached a milestone anniversary in 2013. On Monday, October 28th, we celebrated with lunch and gifts at Trinity Restaurant in Fond du Lac.  Everyone enjoyed the great stories of the past, and excitement for the future. Congratulations!

  • Tammy Haeni (GTS-FDL) - 15 Years
  • Monica Moldenhauer (GTS-Green Lake) - 15 Years
  • Jackie Puddy (GTS-Central) - 10 Years
  • Lori Schaus (GTS Central) - 20 Years
  • Diane Scherer (GTS Juneau) - 25 Years
  • Merri Smith (IPMSC) - 25 Years
  • Sally Storm (GTS Merrill) - 15 Years
  • Patti Thompson (IPMSC) - 15 Years

Cindy's Winning Pumpkin

Cindy's Winning Pumpkin

Congratulations to Cindy Brooks!

Cindy from the GTS Juneau office is the winner of the Pumpkin Decorating Contest with her creative use of the GTS brand.  The prize is an amazing craft pumpkin designed and made by our very own Deb Freeman - GTS Central.  Congrats, Cindy!

Deb's crafty prize!

Deb's crafty prize!

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