The Title Insurance Industry - Examining Standards

By Lori Schaus, Senior Title Examiner / Corporate Trainer

Before I started working at Guaranty Title Services, I had no clue what title insurance was. But as I worked my way up from the data entry department to a management role, I quickly grew to respect the part that title insurance plays in supporting the real estate industry and the American economy. Title insurance acts as an essential linkage between realtors, lenders, attorneys, buyers, sellers, and government entities...helping Americans create wealth.

It is said that land is the basis for all wealth. As we are all aware, this statement has been challenged lately. But it is an undeniable fact that your investment in real estate is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. Because of this, the staff at Guaranty Title Services is committed to providing the most comprehensive title examination to protect your interests.

We undertake a detailed and extensive examination of the public record and title plants, to search for judgments, liens, and other potential problems. We then get to work to resolve any title issues, and to reduce your risk of real estate ownership. Our work ensures your ownership rights, and helps to protect you from future claims.

In my new role as Senior Title Examiner and Corporate Trainer, my duties include title examining, and communicating with underwriters, attorneys, realtors and government entities to resolve complex title issues. I have also been charged with the task of developing and enhancing GTS searching standards, which will ensure that your title work will provide you with the information and protection you need to help you make sound real estate decisions.

Underlying all these duties is one central theme:  My job is to ensure that title examiners here at Guaranty Title Services are the best examiners in the title insurance industry. This task is very near and dear to my heart, because the more I learn about the role that title examining has played, and continues to play, in the history of this state, this country and our economy, the more proud I am to be part of the title insurance industry.

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