You many have received notices or communication regarding Wisconsin Act 25 published July 6, 2013.  This Act states that a municipal utility may not release customer information to any person without the consent of the customer (authorization from the seller).

Read about Act 25 here:

What does this mean for GTS and our customers?

This means that customer consent in writing must be obtained prior to ordering Special Assessment Letters or obtaining information on water and sewer bills or other municipal liens from a municipality.

There are two suggested options for obtaining this consent:

  • 1) REALTOR OBTAINS - a broker may choose to include a request and proof of consent in the listing contract and send that to the title agent with the order
  • 2) TITLE AGENT OBTAINS - if the party placing the order does not have a form for this consent, GTS has created a document that will be provided to you upon order receipt 

Note: a signed consent form presented at the time of order placement will ensure the title commitment production and closing processes can move forward.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for an electronic or hard copy of the GTS form.

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