GTS "You Rock!" Summer Employees of the Month

GTS is proud to announce the winners of the "You Rock" employee recognition program for the months of June, July and August 2013.  These employees were nominated by their peers and won the award for their outstanding efforts!

June, 2013: Deb Freeman, GTS Central

Nomination Submission: Deb deserves the You Rock award for taking care of her father who is ill at home and training three employees in Finals. She thoroghly reviews all of the finals before they are sent out along with completing her own work and addressing all of the difficult files.  When you email Deb with a question she is always quick to respond is always pleasant with everyone!  Congratulations, Deb!!!!!

July, 2013: Beth Puddy, GTS Fond du Lac

Nomination Submission: Beth has been with us for many years and has always been a team player and a top-notch representative of GTS. She stays until the job is done and never complains. Last month, she juggled approximately 60 files herself with ease and style! In addition to being a great Closing Agent she is also a very giving person, in her spare time she is on the Housing Authority Board, helps at an unwed mother's shelter and is very active in the local VA community. She is all around a great person. Congratulations, Beth!!!

August, 2013: Nicki Frank, GTS Juneau

Nomination Submission: Nicki has been extremely helpful in backing up Juneau's daily phone receptionists and has filled in as a substitute at the early-morning Watertown networking group on a number of occasions. She is always willing to learn new skills and has willingly accepted her share of Juneau's weekly office duties.  Nicki also steps in to help other branches and departments with their production while doing her part to maintain Juneau production metrics. She is also involved in a new “Go Green” initiative for GTS.

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