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I can't begin to guess how often in my 25 years with the company have I been asked "Why do I need TITLE INSURANCE?" and "Why should I do business with Guaranty Title Services?”"

Guaranty Title Services provides a thorough and accurate search of the title and lien records, collects unpaid child support when necessary, works with the register of deeds to maintain accurate public records, assists in the collection of government taxes and assessments and requires and records proper conveyances.  Our work protects you and your neighbors from being laden with inaccuracy, uncertainty and fraud.  

If any of you have been to one of my presentations you have seen me do my “little card trick”.  I hand out 2 decks of cards to volunteers in my audience and ask them to yell “STOP” when they find the 4 cards I am looking for.  I always know which volunteer is going to yell “STOP” because 1 deck of cards is organized by suit and large numbers and the other deck is all messed up.  The volunteer with the organized deck of cards always wins!

Why should you do business with Guaranty Title Services?  GTS is like that organized deck of cards.  We are always organized, timely and easy to work with and facilitate your transaction into a success.  You are the winner!

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